Staphefekt Open Source (SOS) Research & Collaboration Program

Partnerships with research institutes and universities have always been an important part of Micreos’ progress and success. To drive the development of our technology and explore new applications, under certain conditions, Micreos has established the “Staphefekt Open Source” (SOS) Collaboration program. Subject to certain conditions, as part of this program, Micreos will make Staphefekt™ available to researchers who wish to explore new Staphefekt application areas.* The SOS global research program will be open to all researchers who are interested in conducting their own research with Staphefekt™.

Research proposals will be reviewed by a cross-functional team of medical and scientific staff to confirm operational feasibility, scientific merit and alignment with the strategic research goals of Micreos. It is entirely at Micreos’ discretion whether an application is accepted.

Primary areas of interest include treatment of MRSA skin- & soft tissue infections, wound treatment, systemic applications and biofilm formation on implants.

If you are interested in research and would like to collaborate with us, please submit your proposal to:

(* all rights reserved)

Research & Collaboration